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The Moon (cover)
The Moon (cover)
Artist book
dimensions variable (7.5" x 7.5" x 1 folded, 63" x 28" fully extended)

"The Moon" is a visual book that can be read and reread in many different ways, leading the viewer through cyclical, overlapping paths reminiscent of a mobius strip. The shifting circles at the heart of each page chart the cycle of the moon, while the cover contains two poems in the form of journal entries. The first poem (under the heading "June 29th") is a transcript from a section of the award winning video work, "Women's Movements," created in 1988 by artist Annette Barbier, my mother. The second (under the heading "December 29th") is a response piece I wrote in 2021, four years after my mother's death. The pages of the book are made up of digital prints of two large watercolor paintings folded together. Viewers are invited to explore the book by folding and unfolding these pages to create new visual narratives. Together, the two halves of the book form a melancholy yet hopeful whole.