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Fly Away
Fly Away
9' x 9' x 9'

"Fly Away" is a bird blind perched on the edge of a meadow in Josephine Sculpture Park. The work is made up of four steel archways and twenty-one steel panels. Each set of steel panels features a pair of plants and birds native to Kentucky. Following the panels from the bottom to the top of the structure, the birds appear to be taking flight and flying away. The overhead panels show the six different bird species featured on the side panels, with eighteen silhouettes in total. The design of the structure was inspired by the work of Annette Barbier, particularly her final piece of public art, which remained unfinished upon her death in 2017.

This permanent public sculpture was made possible through the generous support of Josephine Sculpture Park, with Founder & Director Melanie Van Houten and Studio Manager Mollie Rabiner. Learn more about the making of the sculpture here: